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RS General Contractor is specialized in all aspects of Interior and Exterior Remodeling & Custom Building. We have extensive experience in both Commercial and Residential project types.

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We focus more on conversations and relationships than a one-off estimate. All projects begin with a conversation. We ask questions, discuss details, and determine whether it’s a good fit. That conversation has no cost.

For a kitchen project, we work with a three-month lead time. That time includes the initial conversation, preliminary assessment or solution, the design process and selection, and then construction. A bathroom typically takes around two months. Smaller projects can be done more quickly (1 month or less).

The first step of your remodeling project is meeting with Reinaldo, president/owner of RS General Contractor and expert estimator. He’ll come to your home to take preliminary measurements and discuss what ideas you have in mind for your space.

We would prefer that you are home for the first couple of hours on the first day of work. Then you can meet the crew, go over logistical questions, and assign an entry point for the rest of the project.

Yes, if the job requires permits, we pull all the necessary permits. Rule of thumb is, same fixture same location, none required. Adding or moving electrical or plumbing requires permits. Be cautious of anyone asking you to pull the permit which makes you responsible for the vendors or subcontractors.

Before we start construction we map out a timeline for your project, and are happy to share that with you.

In order to keep overhead expenses to a minimum, we do not accept credit card payments. We want to make sure we keep costs as low as possible for our customers and accept cash or check.

At RS General Contractor, we have staff on hand and subcontractors that we use to ensure your space is completed to code and with the highest quality.

Normally we will pick up and deliver all materials as needed every day, but the home owner has the option to provide their own materials if they choose.

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